Often, we're asked to help our travelers plan out their leisure time in Bali during our Bali fitness retreats, so we thought maybe it would be helpful to write up a blog about it. So picture this... you’ve found yourself over halfway through your awesome Bali retreat, and you’re loving it! You’re about to start Day 5, a day for yourself, and one where you can really venture out on your own! But, you find with all the awesomeness you’ve already experienced, you’re at a loss of what to do. Are you craving another day where you’re out and about, exploring more of what the ‘Island of the Gods’ has to offer, or are you more in the mood to get your chill on and just relax?That’s up to you to decide, but here are a few options for both to better help you make a decision on how to spend your leisure time in Bali.

Workouts at CrossFit Wanderlust

Pack in Another CrossFit Wanderlust Workout

If you’re a fitness nut, starting your day off with a workout is the best way to feel energetic and start your day off right, no matter what you decide to do. Stopping into CrossFit Wanderlust you can jump into one of their classes or use their massive open gym area and do whatever you feel your body needs! They have an amazing café, located inside the gym, so you can enjoy some healthy food, amazing coffee or fresh juices while you're there.

"Spend" Leisure Time in Bali Local Shops

If you enjoy shopping, whether it’s for gifts for family and friends or unique, Bali-boho style clothes for all genders, Bali has it all! Closest to Canggu, in Batu Balong, there’s an outdoor market that is gaining a lot of attention for locals and tourists alike for its variety of goods, most of which are locally made. Although the market is outside, fear not, it’s covered so you won’t be too hot!If you wanted to venture outside of Canggu, the next closest area to shop is Seminyak, known for its upscale feel with healthy, western-influenced restaurants and unique shops/boutiques with things you can only find in Bali. Seminyak has more of a city feel, but access to beaches as well.Lastly, you have Kuta that is a little further out. Here you have massive department stores, as well as, smaller markets that have all of what you’re looking for.

Bali Beach Club Finn's

Visit Bali Beach Clubs for the Best Chill Vibes

If you’re wanting to spend the day poolside with some good tunes and a drink in your hand, consider going to one of the many beach clubs in the area. Whether you’re looking to just chill or get loose, there’s a beach club to match your feels.The Lawn in Canggu near Batu Balong and the WooBar located at the W Hotel has more of the chill vibe, just to relax. If you’re looking to go out and see what the Bali party scene has to offer, Potato Head and Mrs. Sippy in Seminyak have the atmosphere you’re looking for. Grab a drink, meet new friends and throw down at Bali’s best beach clubs with headliner DJs!

Embrace the Permanence of Bali Tattoo Art

If shopping just isn’t your thing, no one understands you better than Will does. Trust me, he’s the one writing this blog (hi! *waves*). If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, maybe a tattoo to commemorate your trip to Bali is right up your alley. If so, we can recommend a clean and reliable tattoo shop & artist that Will has been to and sent 9 other of your fellow WANDERFIT travelers to and LOVED their experience. Waiting until this day is a good idea, as we won’t be doing anything that you would have to miss out on due to your new ink. Feel free to Write Will on WhatsApp and he can help connect you to the artist himself so you can schedule with him.

Go Get Lost in Bali (But Please Come Back)

If you’re looking for more of an active way to explore during your leisure time in Bali, taking a walk along the beach and seeing what you find is another great option. If you walk south, from Canggu, you’ll start walking toward Seminyak and Kuta, seeing a lot of restaurants, beach bars, beach clubs and various locals selling handmade trinkets; such as bracelets, sunglasses and sarongs. If you walk north, you’ll find this is more a scenic route and less people the more you walk. Nothing beats finding a deserted beach and just hanging with nature and the sound of waves!Regardless of what you choose, know that we’ve got you covered with helping you decide! No matter what, you’ll be in Bali and will have a better day than most.

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