The 7 Most Important Fitness Tips For Beginners

Is your fitness journey just recently on the rise? Are you experiencing some new found stoke for all that your body may be capable of?Maybe it’s part of the doctors orders, or maybe you now have a grandchild to keep up with. Maybe, it’s just finally that time.Whatever the reason may be, from all of us here at Wanderfit Retreats we want to go ahead and take a moment to let you know, this is going to be fun.Not only are we going to provide you here with our top 7 fitness tips for beginners, but we’re also going to do everything we can help you acknowledge that staying in shape is a freakin' blast.That it’s not about torturing yourself for the food that you ate or the couch that you’ve sat on. No, it’s about celebrating all that your body is capable of and finding gratitude in this act of being human.

1. Start Slow

The first of these fitness tips for beginners here is so crucial, we can't possibly over state it enough.Be patient with yourself. Start slow.Too often do we see people come running out of the gates ready to be the next Rich Froning or Arnold Schwarzenegger before tomorrow morning.This is far from realistic and can actually become quite the debilitating mentality. Instead, focus on yourself and becoming better than you were yesterday. Move slowly, and reflect on the fact that right now, literally anything is better than doing nothing.

2. Find Workouts You Actually Enjoy

As you do get started, another of these more important fitness tips for beginners is to find some workouts which you actually enjoy.Be patient, open minded, and willing, as you try out the various fitness concepts and programs.If it feels good, comfortable, and fun, then keep doing it. And if it wrong, then stop and look for something else, this is okay too. (We're talking about to vibe here guys, not the fact that you can't walk after leg day..)

3. Set Goals (realistic ones)

One of the biggest and most commonly overlooked fitness tips for beginners is to make sure you actually set yourself some solid goals.Even though you've now find the right workout program, it’s very important to make sure you maintain a steady forward progression.Too often do people get rolling with a new fitness regime, and then after a month or two, when the initial excitement dies down, they dissapear. Usually, this is because they didn’t have any kind of overlying direction or goals to be continuing to strive for.And again, start slow, making sure that the goals you are setting for yourself are actually realistic ones. It can also be quite counter productive to set too high of goals, ones which you end up not capable of achieving and then finding yourself left feeling defeated.If you're struggling to figure out what this means for yourself, rest assured there is no need to worry. Coach Will has years of experience in helping people just as yourself get started looking, feeling, and moving better. Just shoot him an email at, as he’d love to help you get this lifestyle transformation ball rolling!

4. Light Weight, Proper Form

Another one of our most crucial fitness tips for beginners is to make sure you are using proper form, from the very first day.

There is nothing worse then performing some movement pattern for a year or more only to eventually find out that you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time. This can often lead to both joint damage and an imbalanced muscle development, both of which ultimately just leave your body weak and unnecessarily fatigued.Learn the proper form, and lift very light weight at the beginning, making sure your focus is on your technique.Again, if you don’t have an educated friend or coach at your local box or fitness hub, shoot an email over to Coach Will, after all he does specialize in this kinda thing.

5. Surround Yourself With Good People

Number five, find yourself a community of positive and like minded individuals.Surround yourself with good people!This is not only going to motivate you, and keep you happy and focused on the journey ahead. But also, the right friends will hold you accountable and help you to make sure you stay on track with all those beautiful fitness goals of yours.

6. Find Gratitude In The Struggle

Try to find some gratitude in the ‘struggle’ as well.Again, this shouldn’t be some torturous endeavour that you partake in only because you ate an entire cake for dessert last night.Be grateful that you have a body which is capable of such a fitness journey, and focus on being thankful for the act of struggling. After all, you are becoming a better version of yourself.Maintain a hard focus, and know that one day you’ll look back on this beginning with a beaming smile on your face, laughing tears of joy at how far you have come.

7. Honor Your Progress

And last but not least, honor your progress, every single step of the way.Even if for some reason you appear to be taking a step backwards. Acknowledge that this step backwards, is only backwards, because of how far forward you have come.Life is full of hiccups, and crazy twists and turns. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the world for us and our fitness journey.Any form of progress, however small, is still progress! Thank yourself for everything that you’ve done to get this fitness journey started, and keep it going.Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?.

Starting your own fitness journey is one of the most beautiful turning points in anyone’s life, and you should be so proud of yourself. As the momentum picks up, we’d encourage you to take it a step further and come join us in either Bali, Portugal, or Costa Rica. Or, who knows, maybe you want to just come and work through these 7 fitness tips for beginners with us in person. Either way, always remember that fitness is fun and should be something community oriented. We pride ourselves on this here at Wanderfit Retreats, and we want to invite all of you come and become part of our community. The 2019 Bali Fitness retreats still have a few spots left, as does 002 Portugal. And, our brand new Costa Rica Adventure coming in 2020 is now ripe for the taking.We’ll see ya guys soon! And always remember, fitness if fun!

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