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Commander in Fitness

Will is not only the Commander of Fitness at WanderFit, he's the facilitator of fun too! Whether it's swimming with the manta rays or summiting a mountain at sunrise, its Will you can thank for getting you there.

After serving in the US Army Special Ops and continuing to lead by example, Will shares his love of functional training as a means to maintain and improve the quality of lives for those around him.

When curating the WanderFit Retreats, Will knows that being happy and healthy are the place to start. Rocking a man-bun and refusing to wear a shirt, Will is the real-deal and always looks forward to welcoming new friends into his world.


Chief Visionary Officer

Meet Carrie - this is where brains and beauty intersect. The wanderlust is strong in this one with 60+ countries visited so far. To Carrie this means there are still 130 to go!

As the master of trip planning Carrie is the go-to for all retreat-related questions; before, during, and after. The say the devil is in the details and Carries believes too - she's got you covered.

But don't let Carries sweet soul belie her strength of character. You'll always find her surrounded by friends completing a CrossFit or Muay Thai class as she traverses the world. She simply exudes a natural energy that empowers other women to chase their dreams.


Prime Minister of Laughter

What he lacks in height Dean makes up for with his charming personality and sharp-witted banter. This handsome badass is a former Commando in the British Royal Marines and can still be found in Saudi from time to time training members of the royal family there.

His passion for fitness is clear and his love of competition in his home country of England means he is a force to be reckoned with. But, this is only part of the story...

Dean can always be found in the center of any social circle and has an innate ability to bring out the best in anybody he meets. That's why we knew he was the perfect fit to be a part of the WanderFit family.


Commissioner of Content

This is one of South Florida’s finest photogs by day and a legendary bartender by bar night. He’s also the stickiest kind of social glue and arguably the easiest person to talk to in the history of forever.

That bundle of talents mean he's the perfect fit for the WanderFit team. And his main duties? To make you look and feel your best!

With not single hint of creepiness, Max manages to blend into the background and capture the magic moments of each retreat for FOMO-inducing use on your social feeds.

Hailing from Texas, he loves nothing more than a torrent of trash talk about the Dallas Mav's. Have fun with that!


High Priestess of Hype

Reigning from the SF Bay Area you already know this little powerhouse walks and talks a little different, she even dons a stank face when she dances to prove it.

Her career in fitness began after leaving her job in tech, which was as cozy as it was unfulfilling. She wanted to make an impact on other people through movement after realizing the major mental and physical benefits it had on her life.  

The true Lie shines while traveling and training, especially alongside other like-minded people who just want to explore, go with the flow and have a good time. ‘Traveling with the WanderFit family to Bali in the summer of 2019 was an absolutely life changing experience’, says Lie and she’s excited to continue to share these everlasting bonds with new and old friends.


Chief Vibe Officer

Amongst this team it's a big call to be known as the Energizer Bunny', but this fun loving Kiwi earns the title by a metric mile.

Rachel's playful and infectious personality allows her genuine and deep-rooted empathy for others prevail. Her ability to find true, meaningful connection with anyone she meets makes her an invaluable member of the WanderFit family.

This self professed part-time gypsy loves studying the science of self-actualisation and can be commonly found fuelling herself with good food, bobbing around in the beautiful warm Balinese waters and dancing like she's on tour with Destinys Child!


Secretary of Sweat

Born into this world draped in denim, Kyle was raised in an igloo and grew up on a diet of poutine (chips smothered in cheese curds!). Well, that's our assumption as this devilishly handsome former semi-pro hockey player calls New Brunswick (Canada) home.

Now that pushing pucks around is in his rear-view mirror, Kyle has refocused his athletic prowess as a strength and conditioning coach. He's a pretty handy CrossFit athlete too!

As the Head Coach of his home gym it's clear for all to see that he has a love for health, community and finding the best in every person he meets. This is why we love him and this is why he's part of the WanderFit family!

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