5 Reasons To Document Your Fitness Journey

Have you ever had one of those days where you just simply can’t make it to the gym? How about one of those moments when halfway through the workout you just can’t seem to find any motivation for continuing?

Of course you have, there’s no need to hide from this, we’ve all been here before.But okay, how do you push through? What is it that these elite athletes who train daily are doing differently?Well, among a multitude of variables, one thing that can really help anyone in these situations, is a proper documentation of your fitness journey.There’s a lot to keep track of in a pursuit of becoming the fittest version of yourself, we know. From making sure to eat the right food, to training the right ways, and even for the right amounts of time and at the right times — the components can add up quick. Throw in a day or two where you feel like you can’t keep up with it all, and things get real out of hand real fast.But worry not my friends, from all of us here at Wanderfit Ventures we want to let you know that these potential stressors are quite easily alleviated. Documenting your fitness journey will not only give you an empowering plan of action but it will also help you to stay on track, and consequently help you to more easily sort through what works best for you and your gains!Let us expand on this a bit more here, as we provide you with our top 5 Reasons To Document Your Fitness Journey.

1. Have A Plan

The best part?It forces you to have a plan.Let us always remember the 7 P’s of success:

  • Prior
  • Proper
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor
  • Performance

Perhaps a rather corny cliche, and yet it’s incredibly spot on. If you want to be performing at your absolute best on a regular basis, you need to have a solid plan of action.Draw up an outline for a routine that goes out a few months, looking at both your long and short term goals. Isolate your weaknesses and incorporate the various movement patterns that will help to build strength in these areas. As well as developing everything else in a well balanced fashion, keeping the bigger picture of your fitness journey as diversified as possible.Establish where you want to be going with your fitness journey and then record it.

2. Hold Yourself Accountable

Second to this recording of a plan, the most beautiful part of keeping track of your fitness journey is that it demands that you hold yourself accountable.Having a long term plan keeps you focused and driven towards a pursuit of your end goal. You can really dial in on the short term goals here as well, by writing down your workouts in advance. Try doing this the night before at the very least, so when those moments do come and you are debating whether or not the gym is ‘worth it’, you already know you have to go. After all, you have a plan.

3. Finish The Workout

And once you're at the gym, always finish the workout!One of the most beautiful parts of CrossFit is that we get to complete our workouts in a group setting, with a running clock, and a resultant network of accountability. You’re going to finish that workout, whether you like it or not.[perfectpullquote align="right" bordertop="false" cite="" link="" color="#E8300B" class="" size="24"]Finish The Workout![/perfectpullquote]But what about when you’re doing your own auxiliary work? Or simply getting a sweat on in one of those open gym sessions? What happens then, when half way through the session it begins to feel like you’ve ‘done enough’.Again, if you have pre-recorded your fitness journey and today’s specific workouts, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to push through. We all know how horrible cutting yourself short feels, as we likewise all know how that retrospective feeling of having had not done enough feels. Set yourself up for success here guys!Develop a solid plan, write it down, and get to work.

4. Track Your Progress

And track your progress, as well, recording your scores and weights lifted after each and every workout.Set some benchmark workouts for yourself, and know your PR’s. Weigh yourself every so often, and record all these and any other noteworthy statistics.Every four months or so, give yourself a PR week and/or complete some of your benchmark workouts to see how much more fit you’ve become in that time.Utilize this opportunity to bask in your own glory, and be truly proud of yourself.

5. Compare And Contrast

If things haven’t gone as planned, know that this can also still be great. You can go back and look through the notes you’ve kept and try to figure out where things may have gone astray.Compare and contrast what is working for you and what is not.The more information you have recorded in reference to your own fitness journey the better equipped you will be in deducing what best suits your own gains.Look at your different workout’s and how often you’ve focused on specific modalities. What kinds of food were you eating, how often were you training, and at what times?What produced the best results? Can you mix and match from your previous plans to create a new all encompassing plan from the heavens themselves?Everyone’s body and mindset is different guys, always remember this. So record your own fitness journey and isolate what works best for you!

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