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Flight Preparations

You need to arrive in Bali, at Denpasar Airport (“DPS”, it’s the only international airport on the island) for a 2pm check-in on the first date of your trip.And you’ll check out of the villa on at noon on the last date of your trip, so look to book flights departing Bali anytime after that. Unless you plan on staying in Bali forever, for which we wouldn't blame you.The easiest way to arrange flights would be to tell a travel agent these dates and get them to help you. Otherwise, we recommend using SkyScanner or Kayak to find good, cheap flights.If you haven't booked flights yet, now's the time, as Hopper believes the prices will only go up within a month of the trip start date.Once you’ve booked your flights, please email the details of your flight to We’ll pass this information to our driver so that he's ready at the airport to pick you up when you come through the arrivals hall.Speaking of our driver, Made (pronounced Ma-day) will be waiting with a big sign that says “WANDERFIT Ventures Retreat,” and will take you and your bags direct from the airport to the villa. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Visas on Arrival

Indonesia allows travelers from 169 different countries a free 30 day Visa On Arrival. Your country most likely will be included within this list of 169 countries, but please double check here and let us know if your country isn't on the list:, it is important to ensure your passport is not within 6 months of it’s expiration date. If your passport life has 6 months or less, you’ll need to renew it prior to flying. That can take time, so we urge you not to put it off until the last minute.

Travel Insurance

WANDERFIT maintains full liability coverage for accidents and incidentals, but this won't cover issues with your independent travel arrangements such as flight cancellations and other unpredictable occurrences. If you wish to purchase travel insurance, Bulletproof ON Health and Travel Insurance may be one option for you. Companies such as Bulletproof ON offer a protection plan designed exclusively for athletes to cover their risk of accidents, medical emergencies and other disruptions while traveling abroad. For more information, visit their website


As with any international travel it's always best to consult your local physician before taking off. Common travel shots and immunizations for SE Asia include: Typhoid, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis), Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever.Check off your current vaccination list with the information here: being said, we'd like to emphasize that you will be staying in a superbly fitted-out villa with conditions consistent with high western standards, so this is just a foreign travel precaution just for playing it safe.

Packing and In-Flight Recommendations

From our experience, here’s a few things we recommend bringing that may have slipped your mind or we’ve learned along the way:

  • If you want to stay nourished, bring plenty of snacks
  • If you want to speed up customs or journal your experience, bring a writing pen in your carry-on
  • If you want to minimize jet lag, drink lots of water on the flight (and upon arrival)
  • If you want to ensure comfort on the long flight, bring a blanket and extra socks to keep your little feeties warm, a travel pillow for your neck and shoulders, and a tooth brush, paste and face wipes to keep that extra fresh look and feel
  • If you’re taller than the average bear, we recommend asking for emergency exit seats when you check in for your flight
  • If you get woozy, bring some dramamine. Remember, we’re going snorkeling so this could also be helpful if you are prone to seasickness
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, having some Imodium handy will help help your belly feel better
  • If you’ve been told you're a “sweater” - not the kind you wear - bring an extra pair of workout shoes

All of these things you can get once you're in Bali if need be, but why waste valuable travel time?

Balance of Payments

If you've only paid the deposit so far, please ensure you settle the balance of the retreat as soon as possible. You can check the email you received upon paying the deposit for information on how to do so.If you can't find your invoice email, then let us know and we'll shoot across another link to settle up. All balances are due 30 days before the trip start date.

Contact Details

Please don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions or concerns that arise before you depart for Bali, we're happy to help out.We are so excited to have you here with us for this special week of fitness and adventure, and the friendships forged here will last well past the time spent on the island.

See you in Bali!!



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