5 Foods To Help You Stay Full Longer

Have you set your new year’s goals yet? A new direction in life that you’re ready to fully embody? Or maybe you’re just trying to tune things up a bit, and simply improve upon your already amazing lifestyle habits.Whatever the case may be, we here at WANDERFIT VENTURES want to take a moment and say to you, remember to eat right!Maintaining a healthy diet is just as important as anything else, and we know, dieting can be quite confusing and difficult. That’s why we're here with this list of foods to help you stayfull longer.Healthier options, that will veer you away from all those mid afternoon desires for chips and salsa. Some mouth watering favorites that can be added to most any meal, and really help you to stay full longer.

What Makes Food Filling?

So, what makes a food more filling anyways?Without getting ‘way too sciency’ on you guys here, lets just say this. The three most important things to focus on and look for when trying to maintain a high satiety are —

  • High protein levels
  • High fiber content
  • Low in energy density

Protein is perhaps the most filling macronutrient. Fiber rich foods, are not only low in calories but will also help to slow digestion. Where foods that are low in energy density likewise embody a low calorie count, by definition, and are often full of water and fiber.

Our Five Favorites

Eat more, with less calories, and stay full longer.It’s a simple and straightforward application of knowledge that can have far ranging benefits. Plus, these five healthier options below are all absolutely amazing and simple foods. Ones which are not only easily attainable, but realistically storable and ideally utilized.

1. Avocados

Top of the list here, of course, is avocados!Honestly, who doesn’t love avocado?It’s seriously one of the most versatile and delicious healthy eats options out there. From having it plain with breakfast, to making some jaw dropping guacamole, or even going so far as to use it in making a creamy pesto sauce, for one of those super heavy carb loading pasta meals. The options with avocados are truly endless.The best part, avocados will keep you full!As a monounsaturated fat source avocados boast 3g of protein, 10g of fiber, and a whopping 21g of fat, per each 1 cup (149g) serving size.

2. Oatmeal

Another great option at breakfast, to help keep you full longer, is the ever famous and rather classic bowl of oatmeal.Oatmeal also showcases both a high fiber and protein count. With 6g of protein and 4g of fiber per 1 cup serving size.Add some raspberries and almond milk to give it an even more filling punch, or maybe just throw in some honey and cinnamon. Regardless, some oatmeal at breakfast will certainly keep you feeling much less anxious about when exactly lunch is going to be, as the morning unfolds.

3. Quinoa

And when lunch does come, why not throw some quinoa on that delectable chicken salad of yours?A complete protein containing all the essential amino acids, quinoa is also high in fiber. It’s delicious and versatile, adding great body to any dish, and can be flavored in a wide assortment of fashions.With 3g of protein, and 4g of fiber per 100g serving size, quinoa is ready and able to help you stay full longer.

4. Broccoli

Throw some broccoli on that salad as well, why not? Or save it for a nice little filling punch at dinner time.Broccoli holds 5g of fiber and 4g of protein per 150g serving size. Broccoli also finds itself rather low in energy density and really provides us with a ton of substance, whilst not forcing us to consume too many calories. Stay full longer with broccoli as a part of any meal, for sure!

5. Nuts

And lets not forget about our favorite healthy fat options, nuts.A handful of almonds at the end of any meal or snack is guaranteed to help you stay full longer, every time.

Be careful though, you can easily eat too many, too quickly. Most nuts are very high in fat content and we want to be careful in not overloading here, as the body will simply begin to store this fat instead of using it to produce energy. Keep the handful small, 9-12 with almonds for example, and then wait another 2 hours before consuming anymore.You can always ‘stretch’ this option as well, by slicing or breaking up your favorite nuts and sprinkling them onto your salad, or into your rice. And always remember that this can in fact be one of your best quicker snack options. A handful of walnuts, or any other nut, will surely provide another hour or so of non-starvation as you make your way to the next meal.All in all guys, stay focused on high protein, high fiber, and low energy density foods. Start with these five, but also don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment a bit with your meal planning. Focus on eating foods that are good for you, and not just on eating foods that aren’t bad for you.

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