2020 Sponsor Spotlight

Has social distancing become the new norm for you yet?Hang in there. There’s no doubt, this crazy and unprecedented pandemic continues to touch the lives of every person on the planet.We’re also in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode... But whilst we’re looking forward to being able to return home to Bali, there’s still heaps to be grateful for.Firstly, we appreciate that so many of you are staying active with us on our video workouts in our Facebook Group. No gym? No problem. You can keep your blood flowing and your endorphins going - it’s as much for the mental benefits as it is for the booty!And secondly, speaking of booty...Do you have a circle of friends who are an integral part of your support network? So do we. It’s easy to tell who they are... They’re the ones who don’t shy away when the going gets tough. On the contrary, they ask how they can help.So, we wanted to shine a light on our network who help support our growing tribe of health-conscious travelers. Our appreciation for the people behind these brands knows no bounds. They help us make your global active adventures even more memorable...Let’s start at the beginning.Imagine you’ve just arrived at one of our beautiful destinations. Portugal, Bali, Costa Rica… You choose.As you unlock your door and step into your new ‘home away from home’ your eyes immediately see something waiting for you on your bed.It’s your WanderFit Welcome Swag Bag!It feels like it's your birthday… What’s inside the bag?Well, you’ll have to wait to find out but, you can see it’s an XO Activewear bag so it’s a fair assumption that there’s going to be some beautiful activewear bling. And, given you made the wise decision to holiday somewhere warm, chances are there's a water bottle in the bag too.But that’s not all…To brighten your adventure up even more (if that’s possible), the team at Bandz include the best ‘head hug’ you’ve ever had! These blingy things are a regular feature in Will’s wardrobe. And they’re the perfect companion for keeping your hair in check when you’re team training or hiking in the hills…

And this is ‘headgear for good’ (#bandzfortheworld) as the team at Bandz actively support mental health and suicide prevention projects such as ‘Live for Tomorrow’.All in all, that’s a pretty serious swag bag to set up your amazing adventure.But there’s more...Our friends at XO Activewear is genuinely committed to supporting women and it shows, you only have to look at their Instagram account to see that. In the same spirit, they provide an exclusive discount code to all ladies that sign up for our retreats. So, whether you want to gear up for your getaway with us or add some beautiful activewear to your home wardrobe, you can.So. Next step. Your time in paradise begins to unfold.As health-conscious travelers ourselves, we understand how liberating it feels when you take care of the body, inside and out.We’ve aligned ourselves with some of the best brands to help you squeeze out the very best your adventure has to offer.As an example. If you were on our Bali retreat you’d be setting your alarm super early and hiking up the world famous 5,660ft Mount Batur to see the sunrise. To kickstart this ‘bucket list’ hike you’ll enjoy a bottle of Bali's best cold-brew coffee courtesy of the Expat Roasters. Simply the perfect way to start your day.

And as you watch the sun rise above this incredible Indonesian island, you can nibble on a NuttZo Bold BiteZ bar! These beautiful bars are low in sugar, high in protein and, therefore, are likely to become your perfect life partner… Be warned, as the name suggests, you are likely to go nuts over these!Actually. Because of this, once you’re kicking back at your accommodation you’ll have an endless supply of NuttZo peanut butter available for… well, anytime. On your toast, on a cracker, in your smoothie, straight from the spoon… it’s your retreat and this stuff is a healthy option so, you decide!And speaking of treats…We like to reward our guests at the end of an adventure. And what better way than with a sweet treat that’s guilt free? Our friends at Made’s Banana Flour Company provide all the gluten-free goodness we need to make and bake you something delicious.Okay. We haven’t talked about the fantastic training side of the retreats yet. Here’s some of the ways our guests stay hydrated, happy and healthy before and after the sweatfest sessions with Will and the team.

Staying true to a healthy approach to life, our friends at NOCCO (stands for No Carbs Company) have a yummy range of sugar free drinks that our guests get to try! They are ideal for your post workout recovery phases as they contain the all-important BCAA’s. But they can be used as your pre-workout choice because they also pack a caffeine punch too.And, whether you’re taking surf lessons at Bali’s Berawa Beach, or on a hike through the lush jungles of Costa Rica, we’ve got your back because of our friends at Barebells Functional Foods. They produce some of the world's most delicious protein bars that form the perfect snack or to help you recover from your training session!Speaking of recovery...We’ve tried heaps of protein powders (literally) and, without doubt, our favorite is produced by our friends at PranaOn in Australia. All organic, all vegan and all delicious flavors to help you prepare for, and recover from, your training.And whilst you’re lying by the pool sipping your PranaOn, you may also be the new proud owner of one of our Booty Bands. You see, one way we like to help guests go just a little bit harder is through a little healthy competition...You see, many of the training sessions we do together on our retreats are team workouts. And what’s a competition without a prize?Exactly. So each member of the winning team receives a Booty Band to take home with them. The good news is there are no losers on a WanderFit Retreat, because we keep plenty of Booty Bands back at the accommodation for everyone to use between sessions and adventures.Phew. It’s only when we wrote it down that we truly realized the size and strength of our inner circle. And we’re happy to share that with all of you.We’ve included the links to these amazing companies and assure you that the people behind the brands are just like you too. We’d love you to check them out, follow them and, if you haven’t already, give them a try.So now it’s your turn. Why not write down a list of the people in your life who are sharing the journey with you. It’s a really thought provoking, powerful and intimate thing to do. Give it a try.In the meantime, from our team to yours - stay safe, keep moving and we’ll see you on the other side!You can follow our lovely WanderFit Retreat supporters on Instagram!XO ACTIVEWEARExPat RoastersNuttZoNOCCOBarebellsPranaOnBandzHeadwearBootyBandsMade’s Bana Flour Co.

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