3-Day Trip to Portugal: The Guide

So, you’ve heard that Portugal is one of the top places in Europe to not only hit in the height of summer, but also into the winter months?

So did we, it’s why we were quick to jump in on the hype and get WanderFit Retreats well and truly integrated into the Euro culture for some epic retreats!

However, a lot of people on their Euro travels are looking to dip in and out of the various cities and countries ensuring to tick off everything on their to-do-list whilst at it, so seeing as we’re pretty well versed with our fave Euro spot, we thought we’d write you a 3-day guide to Portugal.

Get your travel pants on, we’re about to jump across Portugal hitting three of the main go-to spots, and whilst it may seem like a lot, we assure you…it’s not.

Let’s get to it!

Day 1: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most sought-after European cities for short city breaks, with vibrant energy and a charismatic community, Lisbon is the first stop to dive deep into Portugal’s culture.

Located on the edge of the Tagus River, Lisbon is the most Western European city, thought to be known as the edge of the known world. Built on seven hills, mirroring the magic of Rome, its majestic cobblestone streets and hilly neighbourhoods create the most charming atmosphere perfect for touring and exploring.

With a plethora of districts to choose from within the city, our favourites are narrowed down to Chiado, Baixa and Barro Alto. Thrusting you into the heart of the city and right into the mix of some of the city’s top attractions, you are a stone’s throw away from the Tagus River, The Time Out Market, LX Factory and Alfama. You can explore the city by foot and get lost in the cobbles, travel across the city by Tram or adventure out in a Spinach Gokart for some back street discoveries.

Our top things to do in Lisbon?

  • Hike up Castelo de Sao

Good for the derriere and worth it for the view. This steep castle climb takes you to the top of the city’s hilly terrain offering a stunning view down below where you can enjoy a glass of local wine.

  • Cycle along the Tagus River

Pick up some Portuguese custard tarts from Belem to keep you fueled on your cruise banks of the city’s wide river and get lost in the side streets

  • Visit Praça do Comércio

The main public square, Praca do Comercio is built on the grounds of the old Royal Palace and offer impressive statues and monuments.

Day 2: Ericeira

WanderFit is based here during our Portugal retreats, and we LOVE it. A small quaint surfer town that reminds of us our beloved island of Bali. Your early mornings can be filled with dawn patrol surf sessions in a sleepy town that doesn’t wake up until 10am (we know, we know…but slow the pace down here, it’s a beauty). The waves here are ideal for any surfing level, whether a complete beginner or those intermediates wanting to perfect their technique.

Our top things to do in Ericeira?

  • Ride a Wave

We are partnered with the local surf school SurfRiders, and we recommended a fun morning session with one of their epic instructors.

  • Train & Gain

Check out the boutique CrossFit gym, Rep CF to get your daily fitness fix and holiday workout in.

  • Bike Ride

Take yourself on a coastal bike ride along for a panoramic adventure and soak up the views along the way.

  • EAT!!!

In the early evenings roam the cobbled town streets, hit up the lively bars, grab a sunset drink and get stuck into some local Portuguese cuisine!

Day 3: Sintra

A small yet stunning little town, Sintra is located on the cooling hills of the Serra de Sintra. Hidden amongst a majestic pine forest, Sintra comes hand in hand with a whole lot of history and lots of fabulous things to see.

Our top things to do in Sintra?

  • Pena Palace

Situated on the top of the hill, this multicoloured palace offers breathtaking views and a fabulous tour around the grounds which very much feels like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. We 100% recommend booking in advance and getting the early morning tickets.

  • Parque de Pena

Meandering paths take you through the heart of a lush forest that is ripe for exploration. In addition to exotic plants, you’ll see various angles of surrounding castles, statues of notable Portuguese and breathtaking gardens.

  • Town Centre

Take yourself for a walking tour of the town itself, you’ll uncover cobblestone streets, mini stairways and an array of stunning architecture from churches to mansions, and a number of museums. We LOVE doing one of their local wine & port tastings - so take it easy, get a little tipsy and enjoy the surroundings!

In conclusion

As noted, we love Portugal, our week-long retreats cover everything from adventurous paragliding, daily workouts, chilled evenings, sightseeing and more! So, if you don’t want to get your plan on solo, make sure to book into one of our upcoming Portugal Retreats, every September.

Click here to see our 2023 dates!

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