New Year, New Me

Early January, the absolute best time of every year to reinvent yourself, or so it would seem. Think about how often you hear, or even say yourself, “New year, new me!”Then the ball drops, three, two, one… and suddenly it's time for action. Come on, get up, lets go! Then, sadly, before we know it, that list of new year’s resolutions begins to drop off as well. The first week of January passes, then the month of January passes, and all of a sudden it’s mid April before you realize, new year same me.So, what happened?

Too often do we try to change everything all at once. Which results in us giving multiple goals very small amounts of attention. None of them really make any significant progress, and slowly the concept of accomplishing anyone of these goals, let alone all of them, becomes overwhelming. Then, yes, BOOM. We are overwhelmed, lose all hope, and give up.Today, from all of us here at Wanderfit Ventures, we want to tell you that this does not have to be the case. Not for you, not this year. Below are some incredibly helpful tips, from us to you, to aid you in staying on the right path and actually finding yourself one day capable of proclaiming, “New year, new me!

Establish An End Goal

First things first, establish an end goal. Remember that complete transformation we were stumbling over earlier, that overwhelming cascade of accomplishment that you couldn’t handle? Well, don’t let go of that concept completely. It’s important to have an end goal.[perfectpullquote align="left" bordertop="false" cite="" link="" color="#39E430" class="" size=""]It's important to have an end goal![/perfectpullquote]Something that keeps you focused through the long haul and provides direction in every moment of your day to day life. But remember, you cannot accomplish all of this at once, and if you try to do so you will get overwhelmed.

Create Sub-goals, Or Benchmarks

To alleviate this overwhelming sensation, try to create smaller sub-goals. For example, if your goal is to start exercising and getting yourself back into shape. Jumping straight into the two hours a day six days a week routine will prove highly unstable. Instead, set yourself a sub-goal for the first 3 weeks to go twice a week. For the next three weeks, maybe go 3 times per week, and so on. Slowly working your way towards that desired end goal.

Have secondary sub goals

Also, within your categorization of sub-goals, each sub-goal itself can and should also have sub-goals.A prime example of this, following the above example, is to establish specific tasks you wish to accomplish along the way. Running for ten minutes of your session those first three weeks, and 20 minutes the next three. In the pursuit of eventually running a mile without stopping, perhaps.

Having sub-goals, and sub-goals within your sub-goals, allows you to create a path of progressive accomplishment. Which will naturally leave you feeling empowered and ready for more. That end goal getting closer and closer to a total achievement as each day passes.

Develop A Realistic Timeline

It is also imperative to make sure that your timeline with these subgoals is realistic. Too often do we bite off more than we can chew, so to speak. Be patient with your pursuit of the end goal and try to focus your energy and attention more on the small daily accomplishments. Consistent progress towards where you wish to be, even if it is ‘slow’, is a much more realistic way of actually getting there, than to try and magically make it all happen over night.Remember the tortoise and the hair?

Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

Once you have all this established, perhaps the most important aspect of all is to then make sure you have surrounded yourself with like minded people! If you are surrounded by people who are also on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, you will better set yourself up to stay on this dedicated path.Befriend and engage with people who are likewise determined, and willing to hold you accountable. We are social creatures after all, and being part of a community that fosters growth is certainly the quickest route towards accomplishing said growth.Wanderfit Ventures, actually, is a great example of what we are talking about here.[perfectpullquote align="full" bordertop="false" cite="" link="" color="#0EB6F5" class="" size=""]“This is one of the driving reasons we created Wanderfit Ventures. Too often have we heard of people who are happy with their health come back from a short vacation upset with all the lost progress.”— Coach Will [/perfectpullquote]There seems to be this perpetuating and misleading idea that a “great” vacation consists of going to a tropical beach somewhere and drinking the entire day away, while over indulging on foods you normally wouldn’t eat, and lounging around doing absolutely nothing all day.Sure, this might be nice in a rather infrequent and controlled fashion, but let’s not lose ourselves here. Put yourself in an environment similar to the one we’ve created! Or better yet, why not put yourself in this exact environment we speak of?

Within our retreats, we’ve created a supportive and safe environment for a much needed, healthy transformation to your 'classic' vacationing. Besides our morning workouts, we’ll also guide you through amazing excursions to help keep you active, whilst simultaneously engaging you in the unique culture of whichever destination you choose to join us.And with us, certainly, you’ll encounter an entire onslaught of new, amazing, and like minded friends. Sure to help in holding you accountable throughout the rest of the year as you pursue accomplishing your goals.

Remember To Relax

No matter what your goals are, always remember to cut yourself some slack. No one is perfect.Demanding 100% strict adherence to whatever your goal is will only create a space for worry.For example, let’s say you decide you’re going to start cooking at home more, in an effort to save money and clean up your diet. Then, two weeks in, you have a family gathering and realize it’s going to be really difficult to stick to your plan. If you worry too much, this extra stress is in fact going to hurt you significantly more than simply allowing yourself one little cheat meal.Remember, the ability to recognize situations that are unavoidable, get over the mis-step and back on track, is much more valuable.Relax.So, go out and embrace this year! But lets make sure we are setting realistic and attainable goals for ourselves, surrounding ourselves with positive energy, and focusing on a slower and more steady path of growth.New Year, New Me!

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