How to Stay Fit While Traveling

“Wait, what’s today’s date? Where did all the time go? Only one month until my Vacation? And how am I going to stay fit while traveling?”. The little voice inside your head going absolutely bonkers as you find yourself rushing to the nearest full body mirror. It’s definitely time to go ‘full send mode’ in the gym, you decide, realizing all the beautifully fomo-inducing pictures you’re about to take and share with your friends via social media. Because honestly guys, if it’s not “for the gram”, did it even happen?

Then, after an awesome trip, with little to no fitness (even though you had every intention of staying fit while traveling), you realize that all the hard work you put in prior to this trip, was basically for nothing. Like, “where did all the gains go man!?”. It’s as if they’ve just magically disappeared into one of those alternate realities these scientists always speak of. We get it guys, here at WANDERFIT Ventures we have encountered and know that feeling all to well.So, you want to know how to stay fit while traveling? Well, with more then a lifetime of travel under our belts, we’ve managed to come up with some really awesome ways to achieve this, and we’d like to share some of our favorites here with you!

Airport Related Fitness Tips

Long flights and even longer layovers, that gloomy and tired airport feeling, your vacation has barely begun and you can already feel your fitness slipping. WANDERFIT Ventures provides all our clients with ways to stay active and fit while in transit to one of our various fitness holiday destinations, and one of the easiest things we advise you can do, is to simply avoid using any kind of automated moving aid in the airport. Use the stairs instead of an escalator, and fight that urge to hop on the moving walkway. We know, feeling like you’re sonic the hedgehog hitting one of those awesome speed boosts can be quite exhilarating, but you’re not doing yourself, or anyone else, any favors. Aren’t these things usually filled with a bunch of inconsiderate and lazy people anyways? This is not you, you’re an active and fit human being!

An active and fit human being who also does their best to sit down as little as possible. If your connecting flight is not too far off, stand and wait instead of sitting down and mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Find an area that’s not too crowded and spend 10-20 minutes stretching and doing some yoga, so you’re not so tight and constricted when you get to your final destination. And when you do finally arrive, try everything you can to avoid taking a cab.Plan ahead, and walk to your first hotel, hostel, or home-stay. There’s no better way to acquaint yourself with a new city than to simply wander its streets. You’ll definitely save some money by not paying those over priced airport taxi fares, and who knows, you might even stumble upon some hidden treasures. A nice little trinket for your mom? Perhaps a coffee shop for a quick little pick me up, or maybe even your new favorite restaurant, with a menu chalk full of healthy eats!

Food and Drink Related Healthy Travel Tips

In almost every situation, you can find some healthy food while traveling. Sure, it might not be as easy as in your hometown and country, and certainly you may have to pursue different food items in different places, but if your health is truly a priority, this shouldn’t come as an ordeal. Let’s not fall into a trap of laziness here guys, the extra effort is minuscule and with far ranging positive side effects.[perfectpullquote align="left" bordertop="false" size="18"]In any given 24 hour period, make the decision to consume more things that are healthy than are not.[/perfectpullquote]Start with the small things, like cutting out sugary sodas and juices. Save those spoils for Friday nights mixed drinks, if you’re into that. The same goes for your snacks, don’t let yourself just revert back to a 10 year old mindset, eating only chips, chocolates, and other candies. You know you have a trip coming up, plan ahead and buy some healthy snacks from your local health food store.Do not, wait until you get to the airport! It’s going to be much cheaper this way, and you’ll have a significantly larger variety of snacks to choose from. When you do decide to eat out and experience the local cuisine, make smart decisions. Again, plan ahead!Here at WANDERFIT Ventures, we have one simple rule that greatly helps to diminish all the potential food chaos. In any given 24 hour period, make the decision to consume more things that are healthy than are not. If you’re going to splurge on a cheat meal, or go out and have a massive night of partying, spend the time before and after making conscious decisions to eat properly.

Choosing an Accommodation that Supports Healthy Travel

No matter where your travels take you, make a promise to yourself, to maintain your fitness as a priority. Choose a place to stay that has a gym, or is in reasonably close proximity to one. This is going to make keeping up with your fitness a lot more straight forward, because we all know how much easier it is to make an excuse if the gym is miles away. Even if you simply cannot find a gym, make a conscious decision to not let this stand in your way! There are plenty of travel and hotel workouts you can find online. Or, if you have a coach back home, ask them to draw you up some minimal equipment workouts for the duration of your travels. Don’t have a coach? WANDERFIT Coach Will, provides travel fitness plans that can be completed anywhere, with whatever materials you have. If you’re further curious about this, shoot him an email at as he’d be happy to help you out in answering any questions you may have!

Proper Equipment Essential to Staying Fit While Traveling

Be sure you have properly prepared yourself for staying fit on this beautiful vacation of yours. We wouldn’t want to see you up the creek without a paddle, so to speak. No matter what your current fitness level is, everyone should be traveling with at least a jump rope in their backpack. They’re light, compact, and compliment a wide variety of workouts.Keep a couple hand towels with you as well, as these can be used to slide on a good number of different floor surfaces, adding a great dynamic variation to your well known favorite exercises. Also, don’t be shy to fill that backpack up and throw it on for some extra weight, or to use the hotel furniture for some other weighted variations.

If you’re a bit more advanced of an athlete, with the strength to utilize a set of rings, packing some rings and straps provides another great way to ensure workouts are kept fun and varied. One of Coach Will’s favorite stories actually revolves around a set of rings.“I remember when I was traveling through Portugal, with our friends Kasper and Martina, and they bought a set of rings. We all walked around the city of Lisbon searching for a park or some kind of structure we could hang the rings from. Eventually, we found a tree in a park that was well suited and we crushed a partner workout with muscle ups, dips, air squats and handstand walks. Then the local police kicked us out for handstand walking on government property! It was an awesome memory and I’m very grateful for it, all because of a set of gymnastics rings and a desire to stay fit!” So you see, no matter where you are in the world, no matter how close the gym is, or is not, you can always make a conscious effort to stay fit and eat right. Staying fit while traveling, isn't that hard guys! With a little focus, determination, and adequate foresight, anything is possible. Who knows, it may even be because of this fitness pursuit, that you end up making some of your life’s greatest memories!

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