Bali Partnership Shoutout

If there’s one thing we know how to do… it’s throwing a bad-ass retreat.

However, what goes on behind the scenes can look a little less put together, especially when all our wild ideas for adventures are thrown into a pot and we have to narrow down what we truly want to deliver to our guests.

What makes our lives a little easier though is the epic partnerships we make along the way, especially in our Bali stomping ground, the Island of the Gods, and the birth place of WanderFit Retreats.

So, without further ado, this is a little shout-out to big up and thank our incredible partners who have supported us in re-launching our Bali retreat after two years of you know what…

Side note: all discount codes will be presented at the bottom of this blog post.

Bali Based Businesses

If you find yourself in Bali, whether on one of our retreats or exploring through we’d love to give you the opportunity to get your hands (and teeth) into some of these epic businesses based here on the island. Whether you’ve got one major sweet tooth, or you’re more inclined to a fresh juice…we’ve got you covered.

Expat Roasters

If you’re looking for a kick-start to your day, look no further. Expat Roasters supported us in fuelling up for our big climb & descent up Mount Batur with their incredibly smooth Cold Brew — not to mention, this bad boy shakes up well to make you an all-encompassing Espresso Martini (IFYKYK).

Born as a passion project, Expat Roasters works closely with local Indonesian producers and farmers to ensure they source the finest quality beans, creating one insanely good cup of coffee or bottle of cold brew. You can get your hands on a cup yourself whilst you’re over here, or even order some bottles to your villa! You know you want to.

Remix Juice

We stumbled across Remix Juice on one of our many daily excursions and fell in love with both its concept, flavour and range of products. Whether you’re looking for a juice detox, hand-pressed nut milk or a tasty snack, Remix is our go-to! Remix Juice gave us the invigorating healthy start the day after a long workout and beach surf session — those vitamins were sorely needed that’s for sure. If you’re in Indonesia you find Remix both in Jakarta & Bali!

Dreamwave Donuts

If we told you they were Vegan, gluten free & free from refined sugars…you would have a hard time believing us. But let us tell you now, that these bad boys are nothing but the actual DON of the donut world here in Bali. We absolutely loved what they stood for and can they make a mean peanut butter & jelly donut! Dreamwave hyped us up after a hard final partner workout and filled us up before we embarked on our final party. If you’re in Bali you can find these bad boys just off Batu Bolong, a mere walking distance from our Retreat Villa…you read that right. You can walk your fine ol’ selves down to Dreamwave at any point during the retreat. DREAM.

Good Life Kombucha

When we tell you that the majority of our guests had never even encountered Kombucha and were blown away by the incredible taste of Good Life, it was a moment of refreshment that we all needed. Out at sea on our WanderFit boat adventure, we got these puppies on ice and they became one of the most welcomed moments of this excursion after one or two bumpy waves…Good Life Kombucha can be found across various retailers here in Bali and they are by far an elite Kombucha, whether you’re travelling through or looking to order some to your home, we 100% can recommend these guys!

Made’s Banana Flour

A long standing favourite of ours, Made’s has been supporting the WanderFit dream with treats and snacks for many of our retreats! Firstly, they are completely gluten free (made from banana flour) and secondly they are absolutely delicious! Whether you’re looking to eat in, take away or buy a pre-made mix for the future, these guys are leading the way in innovative gluten free treats…you can also find these guys walking distance from the Retreat Villa, but for those travelling far and wide, you can find their products in the UK & rumour has it, soon to be the US! Yewww.


Now, for those that know both us (Carrie & Will), you’ll understand that we are constantly on the go, which means one thing…we never have time to sit down and cook for ourselves. SO, in steps MacroKitchen. An incredible concept that ensures you stay on track with your diet no matter where you are in Bali! & this time round they supported us here at WanderFit with some epic low cal, delicious treats - perfect for pre & post workout…too good!


An absolute go to for our retreats is PranaOn, both their protein AND pre-workout! We utilised both throughout the trip to ensure our guests and guides were fuelled in the right way. Our recommendations  are definitely their Salted Caramel & Honeycomb, not to mention their pre-workout packs a punch and is delicious with water AND ice…the ice is the game changer in this Bali heat. Luckily for you kids you can grab yourself PranaOn wherever you are in the world due to their delivery, however, if you find yourself in Bali you can pick it up in various retailers across the island.

XO Activewear

We have been long-time fans of XO, wearing it before we even started the retreats and loving their quality, long lasting wear and their overall vibe. We have been collaborating with XO for all our guide t-shirts and shirts for our guests, making sure we’re all trending in our WanderFit gear! If you’re in bali you can purchase from them online & in store, and if you’re global…jump online and get your orders in!

Global Businesses

Blenders Eyewear

Blenders, Blenders, Blenders…what can we say!? EVERYTHING. This brand has been working with us for the past few years and have changed the way we see the world — literally. We are never without a pair of Blenders, we probably have every shape and style…Will likes to go as audacious as possible and Carrie a little more on the subtle and trendy vibes. But seriously, Blenders have been gifting our guests a pair of eyewear on so many of our retreats, we absolutely love them and we recently launched a full blown giveaway with them! If you want to grab yourself a pair, you heard it from us first…they’re the bomb.


We are a huge believer in the words spoken are the words listened, by yourselves, others and the universe. We have been practising the utilisation of mantras for such a long time, especially when growing and launching our businesses, so when we had the opportunity to work with these guys, we knew it was fate. These bands are simple and elegant with a bespoke message which we choose for each of our guests. You can buy these online and adorn your wrists as and when you like — perfect for every gender and something to always remember us by.

To finalise

WanderFit absolutely thrive through the concept of collaboration and expanding our community. We pride ourselves on always working with those who have a similar vibe and message within their business, looking to create impact, do something different and create magic on our weekly stays for guests!

If you want to know more about any of the above brands and businesses mentioned, please ensure to click their direct links above. If you fancy yourself a discount code, you can utilise the ones listed below.

For those who are other brands and businesses and are interested in working alongside us and wandering better…shoot us a message here.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!!

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