How To Balance Your Fitness Routine With Yoga For Beginners

Physical fitness is about balance, not just power and strength, but mobility and flexibility as well.At face value, most of us can readily agree with this statement. And yet too often do we sacrifice a properly maintained balance in our fitness routines simply so that we can “make some serious gains bro”.Here at Wanderfit, we’ve found that the root cause of this is quite often not much more than a simple lack of knowledge. A simple lack of knowing where and how to begin.That’s why we’ve put together this information, guiding us all towards a better understanding of yoga for beginners. Because yes, yoga is an absolutely fantastic way to maintain a well-balanced fitness routine.Think about it like this - if strength training and high-intensity movement was the yang of your fitness regime, yoga would be the yin. And we all know that yin and yang come as a package deal, right?Right.

Don’t Get Stuck In Your Own Body

Perhaps the number one reason we want to ensure a balance between strength and flexibility, between work capacity and mobility, is because we want to avoid getting stuck inside our own bodies.Yes, we mean that literally, don’t get stuck in your own body.As muscles build and strength contracts, the body naturally tightens up and leaves anyone slowly experiencing less and less of an ability to move in a completely free fashion.This is where yoga becomes a great supplement to any fitness routine. Mobility and flexibility are crucial, not only in maintaining your bodies ability to move properly but also in its ability to make actual strength gains. Yes, a lack of mobility will negatively affect your gains!So let’s get started with some yoga for beginners and make sure that we are doing everything we can to feel free and completely mobile within our own bodies, moving forward. And make no mistake, yoga will also help to build some serious strength, again, it’s all about balance.

Gear up


First things first, get your gear!Although yoga technically doesn’t require any equipment, when we are first practicing our yoga for beginners it can be rather beneficial to have some gear we are proud of and possess a desire to use.Keep it simple though, as you really won’t need much:

  • A yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 belt or strap
  • 1 bolster, or cushion/pillow

Having had purchased this basic gear is going to naturally increase your motivation for doing yoga, as you’ll feel a need to capitalize on your purchase. Once practicing, you’ll quickly move from “yoga for beginners” to ‘yogi’ in no time at all.Having such gear is also going to help you in claiming your space!

Claim Your Space

Having a positive and productive space to begin your yoga practice is crucial.The space you choose is very important, but just as not much gear is needed for a solid yoga practice, neither is much space.You can even start at home, in the corner of your bedroom or garage, or perhaps in the living room for all the family and roommates to see and join in. There are plenty of free yoga videos and routines out there on the internet.When choosing this space maintain a focus on creating your own personalized arena for yoga, so to speak. Choose a location that can be all about the yoga, and is not, for example, an area that is also used for 5 million other activities and/or storage.If you can, decorate this space of yours with things that will inspire a positive yoga practice.

Find A Studio

Or, you can always go ahead and find a local studio as your customized space for yoga.Maybe you don’t have any extra room at home, or maybe it’s easier for your commute and time management. Or maybe you simply want to find yourself a part of a larger community of like-minded people.Whatever the reason may be, choosing to embark on this journey of yoga for beginners at a yoga studio is a great idea, certainly.Here are some things to look for in a studio, so that you can make absolutely sure that you find yourself somewhere productive and filled with positive energy:

  • Shop around and be patient
  • Look for a teacher whom you can truly connect with
  • Assess the pro/cons (distance from home, cost, etc.)
  • Define your desires early on (What are you actually looking for?)
  • Trust yourself

The last one here is the most important - trust yourself. You’ll know if the studio doesn’t feel like a good fit, and you’ll definitely know if it does. Follow this intuitive sense and you can’t go wrong.Just let it flow.

Let It Flow

Whether you’re in a studio or at home is ultimately irrelevant. When embarking on this journey ofyoga for beginners you want to do everything you can to make sure it flows.Yoga is about peace of mind and balancing the go go go mentality of most fitness routines.It shouldn’t be causing you any kind of undue stress or anxiety. Yoga should be fun and free.A component of your physical fitness routine that allows you to explore the true potential of your body, keeping you balanced and calm throughout not only your fitness but the entirety of your life, as well.So let it flow.Get yourself some gear, find a studio (or not), and begin using yoga to balance out the intensity of your fitness routine. Becoming more mobile, more flexible, and as a result building strength, too. Yoga for beginners is far from something that is complex, but it will profoundly impact your overall fitness in an incredibly beautiful fashion.Have you ever experienced the benefits of mobility of flexibility in your strength training and HIIT workouts? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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