How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bali Fitness With Wanderfit Retreats

This year of 2019 is sure shaping up to be one of the best yet, and with our newest round of retreats starting here in April, we just can’t contain all of the excitement any longer!The sun is hot, the fitness flowing, and that salty sea breeze will be blowing across your face before you know it. It’s time to get active and involved in this beautiful island scene of Bali fitness, and as it turns out, we just so happen to have all the spots best suited for you to be doing so.Here at WANDERFIT Retreats, we like to think that there are three fundamental parts which make us whole:

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Community!

And as we pursue these, we are constantly doing our best to create an experience that is second to none for our travelers. Something which the Island of the Gods here does a splendid job of assisting us in, and as Bali gains more and more of this well deserved attention, the fitness community within it is also beginning to boom.With this growth comes a rather significant abundance of some amazing gyms, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our very own personalized tour of some them for you here today.Below you will find five of our more favorite Bali fitness locations, most of which you can expect to be visiting while you’re here with us, living your best life on a beautiful Wanderfit Retreat.

Fortitude Bali X CrossFit Petitenget

Located in the heart of Seminyak, one of the islands more upbeat and high-end districts, CrossFit Petitenget, is a premium Bali fitness location. Boasting all the top-of-the-line fitness toys and gadgets you’ll ever need. Whether you’re looking to get in a casual sweat, or perhaps really test the limits of your fitness abilities, Fortitude has you covered.

Their beautiful, fully air conditioned space encapsulates the ideal environment to train in. A place where you can also socialize and satisfy any of those well deserved hunger cravings, with a vast menu of protein-packed smoothies and snacks at their Fortitude Fuel Bar.After a tough, but satisfying session with Coach Will, you can surely look forward to a quick cooldown walk to the nearby beach. Enjoying a delicious young coconut and relaxing with the rest of the crew here in paradise.

Empire Fit Club Bali

This unique gym, Empire Fit Club, is located smack dab in the center of one of Bali’s signature rice paddy fields! A fitness playground, founded by a US Military Veteran, so you know Coach Will feels right at home here!Top of the line Bali fitness with a slew of high caliber equipment and a massive open space concept, this area will surely blow your mind. Not to mention, there’s a military-style obstacle course which you may or may not find yourself needing to negotiate.

Empire Fit Club

The beauty here is truly out of this world, as you’ll more than likely find yourself dazing off mid workout, daydreaming of all the magnificence. Be careful though, you’ll quickly be reminded that it’s time to get back to work!Rest assured however, we are here for the beauty of it all as well. We may even squeeze in a sunset session here, giving you one of the most memorable fitness experiences you’ve ever had.

2BeFit Bali

Here at WANDERFIT Retreats, we’ve teamed up with 2BeFit Bali to give you the most authentic Bali fitness experience. Their team of all local trainers and Coach Will plan to take you through a bootcamp style, functional fitness workout, on Bali’s legendary Batu Bolong Beach. Expect to encounter a good mix of sweaty and sandy, after using their incredibly unique equipment. Think bamboo barbells, sandbag weights, tires, ropes and coconuts. We can’t imagine a more fun way to get your daily fitness fix. And don’t worry, we’ll definitely be there to capture these moments for you! All those FOMO-inducing shots to make all your friends back home wish they were here with you, are on their way!

Canggu Nest Bali

Canggu Nest is the newest and trendiest functional training facility in Canggu Bali. Set in a modern boutique Bali-boho environment, with the décor to match. Situated in the vibrant and popular area of Berawa, this gym is completely decked out with the best equipment!Don’t be fooled by their luxury aesthetics though, you’ll be sure to have a sweaty session here with Coach Will and the rest of the crew. After your session, enjoy a cold coconut while talking about how awesome you feel, here with all your new-found friends. Together, looking out onto those beautiful rice paddy fields as you just can’t help but think, “Bali, you so pretty!”

CrossFit Seminyak

Positioned in the bustling streets of the popular Seminyak, CrossFit Seminyak is Bali’s newest CrossFit Affiliate.

Home to an amazing space, strong community and high-grade equipment, this Bali fitness location will no doubt bring you into a wondrous state.When you find yourself mid-workout, contemplating why you torture yourself like this daily, just have a look outside and remember, you’re surrounded by palm trees and good vibes. What more could you ask for to get you through that tough session?At the end of your session here, when you’re talking about how much the workout just destroyed you to your brand new friends. Still with a big old smile on your face, and on your way to get some post workout goodies, perhaps struggling to walk, just remember, you are in paradise, afterall.

There ya have it folks, some of the best fitness locations Bali has to offer. And although we are extremely excited to be showing these off for you guys, we also want to remind you that life isn't only about fitness and staying in good physical shape. We think it's also important to maintain a healthy balance of emotional and spiritual happiness as well, and thats why we do so much more than just explore these amazing Bali fitness locations on our retreats.You can look forward to hiking, waterfall viewing, cycling, snorkeling, and oh so much more!We here at Wanderfit Ventures intend to provide you with a truly once in a lifetime opportunity that may very well transform your entire perspective on what it means to be alive!So, are you ready?We look forward to seeing you soon!

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