The Top 5 Benefits Of Running - And Why You Should Be Doing It More

When we think of getting ourselves into shape, the act of running is surely something that will cross everyone’s mind. Whether you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of it, or even one of those who avoid it like the plague. We ALL know, on some level, that the benefits of running are far ranging and can indeed produce some rather serious benefits to our overall fitness regime itself.

And yet in spite of this collective knowledge, the truth is, unless you’re training for a marathon the chances are pretty high that you’re not running as much as you could, and perhaps should be.It would further appear to be that most of us often restrict our knowledge on the benefits of running, to the common and overly simplistic outlook of “yeah man cardio is good for you”.But what exactly does this mean? And to what quadrants of our being can we expand an application of this knowledge base?All of us here at Wanderfit Retreats have been asking ourselves these same questions exactly, and that’s why here today, we’ve put together our outlook on the Top 5 Benefits Of Running.

1) Increased Athletic Performance

First and foremost we’ll focus on what is perhaps obvious here. Yes, the benefits of running root themselves in a generally increased athletic performance.But okay, take a second here and join us as we look at this on a slightly deeper level.One of the many benefits of running is an increase in overall lung capacity, and with an increase in lung capacity naturally comes an increase in oxygen entering the body.Your body uses oxygen to convert glucose to what’s called ATP, ultimately producing energy for your body to burn. So, more oxygen means more energy, and more energy equates to a better performance right?Right.In that running is also a weight bearing exercise, its ability to increase athletic performance further extend into a natural strengthening of both your joints and your bones.

2) Prevents Disease And Improves Overall Health

And it doesn’t stop there, either.Another benefit of running is that it can help prevent disease and will generally elevate any individuals overall health.In fact, many studies have even shown that it plays a pivotal role in the reduced likelihood of developing certain types of cancer. And the list here just keeps going folks, as a regular running practice can also help reduce the risk of stroke, the onset of diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and so much more!

3) Running Will Boost Your Confidence

As if all of that isn’t already enough of a reason to start yourself running more as soon as possible, how about we throw in the addition of a major boost in your self confidence?

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Even if you already consider yourself a generally confident individual, could some more confidence really be a bad thing?With confidence on the rise, another of the many benefits of running is an increase in your creativity. You’ll begin thinking more clearly, making decisions faster, and generally manifesting more and more interesting things into your life. A proper running practice will also help to keep you sharp and on your toes as you get older, staying alert in your old age as opposed to the generally expected decrease in mental health.

4) Relieves Stress And Could Even Eliminate Depression

Run more, stress less.If you haven’t heard this cute little saying before, well, you have now.Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of running is the way in which it naturally relieves the individual of virtually all of life’s inherent stresses. To such a degree that some have even been known to argue that running may indeed be able to completely eliminate depression.You’ve heard the term “a runner's high” before haven’t you? Well, there is actually some strong science behind this ‘high’ in that running, or any physical activity for that matter, produces large amounts of endorphins in the body. These endorphins interact with receptors in the brain to greatly diminish the perception of pain.All of this also helps with anxiety and panic attacks, and is going to just generally help you become a much happier person!

5) You Might Even Lose Some Weight

On top of all of that, you might even lose some weight while you’re at it!Indulging in aerobic exercise for extended periods of time is going to really kick start that metabolism of yours, getting those calories burning off as energy expenditure fast. Running has even been shown to create whats called an ‘after burn’ with calorie usage throughout the day. A reality in which the body continues to utilize energy at heightened levels long after the act of running itself has ceased. An object in motion, truly does stay in motion.And although this is often the primary reason that people begin to focus their efforts on running more, we want to be sure to say that the benefits of running are much more significant than just losing weight. Sure, shedding some pounds is fantastic. But you know what’s even more fantastic, having a healthy mind, body, and soul, from the inside out.

So there you have it folks. An active pursuit of running more often is not only going to help you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The benefits of running are vast, and although we can’t speak for any of you guys specifically, we can say that all of us here at Wanderfit Retreats sure are going to be doing everything we can to be running more and more often.Go ahead, throw on those shoes, jog on down to the gym, and grab a workout with us. We’ll see ya soon!

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