5 Easy Steps To Start Your Fitness Journey At Home

Are you struggling to find time to go to the gym?Or perhaps the nearest box is just a bit too expensive, as you transition between jobs? Maybe you’re an overly social individual and can’t seem to find any motivated friends?For whatever reason, sometimes maintaining, or even initiating a fitness journey, can be quite difficult. And even if you did have the motivation, maybe you just aren’t quite sure where exactly to start?From all of us here at WANDERFIT Ventures, we’d like you to know that you are not alone in these struggles. We’ve all been there, whether it was when we were traveling or simply trying to get started again after some inexplicably long time off.Not to worry though, friends. Today, we are here to present you with 5 easy steps to start your fitness journey at home. It’s time to get after it, even if only for 20 minutes a day, no more excuses!

1.Buy The Essentials

Step number one here guys is called committing. If you don’t already have some of the basic essentials, then go ahead and get yourself to the nearest sporting goods store as soon as possible. Let us not allow ourselves to over think it here either. The potential financial cost is minimal compared to the astoundingly upgraded life that lies ahead of you! First things first, there are some very simple items you’re going to want to have around the house:

  • Jump rope
  • Pull up bar (the hang in your door frame type will do just fine)
  • Lightweight dumbbells
  • Yoga Mat
  • Fitness shoes

Having these, coupled with a wide assortment of calisthenic based movement patterns, will leave you finding yourself absolutely ready to go.

2.Make A Plan

With the essentials, the next step is simple. Make a plan!You know more about designing a fitness program than you may think. Sit down, and start brainstorming different workouts you’ve done. Write them down, rough draft style, compiling as big a list as you possibly can.From here start configuring your design. Ask yourself, honestly, how much time you have to put towards your workout? How many times a week?Develop a weekly or even monthly layout, making sure to hit all your muscle groups and incorporating as many various movements as possible! And if you find yourself stuck, hop on the internet and start researching different at home workouts. We all know the internet these days proves an endless abundance of information.Or better yet, shoot Coach Will an email at will@wvndrfit.com as he would be happy to help you in designing your very own personalized at home workout plan. One that’s sure to get you back in shape real quick!

3.Wake Up Early

Once you have a plan, take action!Even if you’re “not a morning person”, getting up early is the absolute best way to get your day started on top. We’re not even necessarily saying you have to workout in morning, but get out of bed, and get that day started!Although, getting a morning workout in is highly recommended. It’s like an all natural cup of coffee. It will help you improve your physical and mental energy, it will cultivate a stronger self-discipline, and it will even help you to --get better sleep--. Get up and get after it! Make waking up early, and going to bed earlier, a part of your plan. And hold yourself accountable.

4.Tell Your Loved Ones

You can also ask others to hold you accountable! Telling your closest friends and family about starting your new fitness journey at home, and your plan to initiate it, will give them the ability to keep in touch with you about it all. Ask your brother, sister, or best friend to check in with you from time to time and encourage you to keep up with your plan! Better yet, ask them to embark on this beautiful journey with you, as you can then both hold each other accountable.Don’t be shy about this either. Again, commit. Tell everyone about your journey, make it a reality, and force yourself to hold true to your words.

5.Record Everything, Daily

Recording this entire process is also going to help in holding yourself accountable.Keep a fitness journal. You’ve already drawn up a workout plan, why not take this one step further? Trust us when we say this is the absolute best way to maintain accountability.

There is nothing worse then looking in your fitness journal and seeing a blank page, or a few. Because you’ve chosen to skip out on your plan, to skip out on yourself. Record your scores for your workouts, and record what and when you eat. You can even record how you are feeling on a day to day basis, all helping you in an ultimate understanding of yourself. Why not find out exactly what is and is not working for you and your fitness journey? This will give you the ability to look back on the months of hard work and deduce when, where, and how those amazing gains were actually made. Thus allowing you to apply these same tacts in your future endeavors and resultantly creating a beautiful path of self growth!It’s not so hard to start your fitness journey at home, you just have to decide you want it.Stay Fit Fam.

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