Everything you need for travel in 2023

So, you’ve finally decided to start planning your 2023 travel. PERFECT, you my friend are in the right place!

We are Carrie & Will, an epic duo if we say so ourselves, and have been travelling a hefty amount for far too many years to note!

Originally we’re from the US & Canada, but actually ended up meeting in Germany and have since then travelled around the globe for retreats, workshops, to scout new homes and just for fun! Where are we now might you ask? We’ve ended up settling in Bali after building our dream gym, Bambu Fitness Bali, but let us assure you…we are still VERY much travellers at heart!

This year (2022) we have easily hit over 10 countries between us, whilst building a gym, running multiple businesses and creating the life we truly want to live, which is exactly why we wanted to write this piece on what you need for travel in 2023!

This article will cover insurance, things to pack, how to book the best flights and a little present from WanderFit!

Let’s get to it!

Why Planning Ahead is Key

We all know how the past few years have gone when it comes to travel, a lot of us felt uneasy stepping back onto a plane after being locked down for so long. Not to mention the sudden influx of people cramming themselves onto every flight known to man to finally travel to a destination far and wide.

We noticed a huge change in Bali as soon as the restrictions were lifted and Australia opened its flight path once again! The airports became busier, the traffic got a little heavier and all the tourists poured into the once-empty spaces again — it was both blissful, heart-warming and intimidating at the same time.

But this is why we believe in planning ahead, gearing yourself up and knowing exactly what you have planned for the coming months. This is exactly why we’re here to keep you focused and supported when booking travel in 2023.

Booking Cheaper Flights

Everyone dreams to find bargains ahead of time, especially since flight prices have gone up over the past few months due to an increase in demand across the globe.

So here is what we tend to do:

If we’re travelling long-haul, we have tried to stick to utilising one airline brand, this way we can utilise building up points as we go, not to mention if you’re booking through certain credit cards you can increase your air miles, even more so, giving you an advantage for all future travel, or for that cheeky upgrade.

If we know the journey is going to be on the pricier side, we tend to look into longer haul journeys, breaking the flight path up as we go. Whilst this might not seem like the most fun option if you aren’t in a rush to get from A to B taking the longer route will ultimately be cheaper, you can even plan to stop off in other countries in the way for a few hours to take in the sights. (Carrie loves to do this to stock up on Athleisure wear, especially when travelling through Europe).

Finally, we always recommend you switch on your flight notifications for websites such as Skyscanner, so they can send you push notifications when flights become cheaper — plus rumour has it, travelling on Tuesdays is always cheaper compared to weekends!

Travel Insurance

Sounds like a no-brainer, but trust us when we tell you we have seen one too many people not have travel insurance when they need it, plus many countries are now asking you to have travel insurance before entering their country!

We're big fans of Travelex, it covers everything from Covid cover to adventure add-ons, which is epic, not to mention it has plans starting from $20.

Whilst we never want to assume the worst, it's always great to be well prepared at all times, whether it's for small accidents, delayed flights or a need to cancel last minute!

What To Pack

Now, if you’re talking to me (Carrie)…I say pack everything, or pack nothing & buy it all whilst travelling. However, if you’re chatting with Will, he’s all for that minimalist lifestyle and could probably carry everything in one backpack. Opposites attract and all that and we have become quite the travel packers!

However, we do have some go-to’s when we’re packing.

First, comfort is EVERYTHING.

That means everything we travel in for our long haul flights has to be light, airy and comfortable to sleep, move and get our airport steps in — we are huge fans of the brand LSKD, and we’ve even started wearing it when coaching and training at Bambu Fitness Bali.

For the women (or men) looking for a comfortable long-line activewear top that is super versatile and soft, then I’m a big fan of their Elixir Active Tank. For men, Will is a huge fan of pretty much all of their shorts and would travel, train and work in them any day!

Plus, wearing activewear means you’re gearing yourself up for all the fitness and adventures you’re about to embark on when travelling!

Next up is sunnies, let us tell you that we CAN NOT and will not go without at least 3-5 different pairs of sunglasses! It sounds excessive, but honestly, we like to be prepared — which is exactly why we only wear Blenders! Not only are they huge fans of WanderFit as a whole, but they also sponsor our retreats providing free eyewear to all our guests! P.s. You can grab yourself a discount by using the code: WANDERFIT

From here, always remember a decent pair of training shoes — we’re suckers for a good pair of Vans, they’re great on long walks, perfect for lifting days and they look damn good on pretty much everyone.

But, if you are travelling with us, we do send you a full list of everything to pack!

Unsure where to travel? Book a retreat!

Decisions are always hard, whether travelling solo, travelling with friends or travelling with your partner — and sometimes the best thing to do if you don’t have the time or energy to plan a getaway is to let someone else do all the hard work for you.

Book a retreat.

Let us say that louder for those in the back…BOOK A RETREAT.

At WanderFit, as soon as you hit ‘BOOK’ and pay your initial deposit, you’re locked into the WanderFit Fam and everything else is taken care of for you.

You just need to book your flights, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, that means airport pick-ups, drop-offs, all travel excursions, workouts, adventures, food and more.

Show up, bring your A-Game and we’ll show you a good time!

So…what are you waiting for?

It’s time to book those 2023 travel dates, and we’re offering you $250 off, just use the code: WANDERFITFAM.

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