5 Daily Motivators To Keep Your Fitness Game Strong

Maintaining a proper and well balanced fitness routine can be a bit of a task at times, we know.We’ve all been there, as we do our best to get to the gym regularly - while still maintaining productivity in all of life’s other necessary attributes.The struggle is real, so to speak, and this is precisely why from all of us here at Wanderfit, we would like to provide you with some daily motivators - intended to help you do your absolute best in keeping that fitness game strong!Implementing these 5 daily motivators into your life will surely put you in a place of maintained desire, and with a resultantly dominating passion to fully pursue becoming all that you are capable of becoming.So, let’s get started.

1. Establish Your End Goal

The first thing you’ll want to do is establish your end goal.Why have you decided to start frequenting the gym, dance floor, or yoga studio?Why do you want to get up at 4 am everyday to go on a run?Knowing your why, your end goal, is perhaps the most powerful daily motivator one can create for themselves.Maybe you’re getting married in a few months and want to look good for your significant other? Or maybe your doctor is finally insisting that exercise is something of a necessity? Perhaps its you? You’ve finally realized your true potential and have likewise come to understand that the only thing standing in your way is you own lack of action?Whatever the reason may be — find it!Embody it!Let it be your primary driving force, and never lose sight of it!

2. Leave Something Important At The Gym

Once you have this all figured out, and after you’ve found a gym thats best suited for you and your specific needs -Leave something important at the gym!“Why on earth would I do that?”, I can just hear you asking it now.Well, because, if there is something important of yours at the gym then you are more likely to have a reason for wanting to go there - outside of simply getting in a workout.

99% of success is in showing up.— Unknown

Maybe you’ve “forgot” your water bottle, or even your wallet. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you couldn’t possibly go more than a day without, and remember to switch things up a bit.If for example you “forget” your sweater every day, you will eventually create a potential opening for simply buying another sweater.

3. Create An Accountability System

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Tell you friends and workout buddies, tell the coches at the gym, go ahead and tell your mom even!I mean, what better way to keep your mother happy then to ASK her to check in with you 3-5 times a week? Even if it is simply to ask you if you’ve gone to the gym today?But in all seriousness, create an accountability system!This daily motivator will inevitably push you into a place of external stimuli. Which can be incredibly beneficial and effective for producing motivation on those days when you simply aren’t feeling it.Find some friends and family that are willing to do their best to help you succeed. Even if it’s simply them encouraging you from time to time to stay on top of your goals!Maybe you can even return the favor as well, as you each rise towards your true potential, together.

4. Reward Yourself

There is perhaps no better daily motivator then to honor yourself with some kind of reward! We are all human after all, seeking pleasure at all costs and finding great contentment in the glory of being honored for our hard work.So, find something that you absolutely love, and then decide to only treat yourself to this thing once you have gone to the gym.Maybe it’s your favorite protein smoothie, or some time you spend doing absolutely nothing for a portion of the day.If you’re going to the gym in the morning, try only allowing yourself a cup of coffee once you have completed your workout.Find a treat, a reward, and use it as a daily motivator. Something that you can look forward to and that will encourage you to not only go to the gym, but put in your full effort while there!

5. Have Fun With It

And what the most important daily motivator of all? Make sure you are having fun!Establish a workout routine that you enjoy. Construct its essence with activity that gets you excited and looking forward to participating in.Use this fun to drive you towards your end goal and sprinkle the rest of these daily motivators along the path as your go!Because honestly, why wouldn’t you maintain a regular aspect of fun in your life.Right?

Keep Your Fitness Game Strong

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So keep that fitness game strong with these 5 daily motivators and watch how easily going to the gym becomes for you.Before you know it you’ll just be naturally craving the gym, and a well maintained fitness routine.And always remember that WanderFit is here to help you in anyway we can! Check out the WanderFit Program or join us on one of our retreats in either Bali, Portugal, or Costa Rica!!Stay driven and motivated, knowing that these daily motivators will help you tremendously in maintaining the path.Get yourself out there!And always remember how truly capable you are of becoming all that you are meant to become.Fitness Game Strong!Have you ever used one of these, or any other, daily motivators to help yourself in getting to the gym? Tell us about how well it worked in the comments below!

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