The Importance Of Stretching - Is It Really That Necessary?

You’ve just had an absolute smasher of a workout, and now all you want to do is take your selfies, go eat some amazing food, and get straight to the beach as soon as possible. Lay back, relax, and call it a well accomplished day, right?

Right, and it’s difficult to argue with such a beautiful sequence of events. But trust us, from everyone here at Wanderfit Ventures, when we say that everything in your life will be just that much more beautiful, once you allow yourself a little extra time for some much needed stretching.The importance of stretching is far ranging, and will naturally elevate your day to day life in more ways than you could possibly imagine. From an enhancement of your overall fitness, to a simple calming of the mind, proper time spent stretching is in fact one of the most beneficial things a person could ever do for themselves.So, in short, yes. It really is that necessary.Here are our top 5 reasons on the importance of stretching:

1. Reduced Muscle Tension

We’ve all been here before, haven’t we? When you’re laying in bed and ready to go to sleep, and all of a sudden this leg cramp from some alternate reality of pain comes to torment your being. Or worse yet, you’re in the middle of a workout and start cramping up so badly it becomes too difficult to finish.None of us want to be stuck in this situation, and although hydration and diet are also crucial factors, the importance of stretching plays a pivotal role here in reducing muscle tension.20 minutes at the end of your session, when your muscles are warm and the most pliable, will surely help to keep this annoying muscle tightness at bay.It can even help to reduce your blood pressure and heart rate post workout, calming your breathing as well. All of which will counteract your bodies natural physiological response to stress and muscle tension.

2. Increased Range Of Motion In The Joints

You’ll also naturally begin to see a serious increase in your bodies overall range of motion.Are you having trouble getting under that snatch bar? Or maybe your hips just aren’t mobile enough to get your feet up to the bar on some toes to bar?Stretching is your best friend here guys and will help across all facets of your body’s mobility. Enhance your unrestricted movement capabilities and just watch as each and every aspect of your overall fitness journey improves.

3. Elevated Muscular Coordination

WIth an increase in your range of motion you will also find an elevation in your basic muscle coordination. Those strange movement patterns that frequently arise in both the daily workout and in our normal daily excursions, won’t be nearly so taxing or perhaps even realized, if we are doing our part to maintain a proper stretching regime.Are you planning to get some great surfing in while you’re with us here in Bali? Of course you are, and surfing a sport that requires significant muscle coordination. Again, trust us when we say, the learning curve with this sport is going to be much less dramatic if we’ve been maintaining a focus on the importance of stretching.

4. Increased Blood Flow And Energy

Your energy levels will begin to skyrocket as well.As stretching will help to naturally increase the ease by which blood flows throughout your body. Resulting in an increase of both oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all of your body’s major muscles, including the brain and the heart.

5. Enhanced Performance

And yes, all of this together here guys is going to seriously enhance your overall performance. If you’re looking for that next boost in your fitness journey, something that may help get you past the impending plateau, stretching is more than likely the answer you are seeking!With looser muscles, that are more mobile, better coordinated, and filled with energy, you will surely see every possible variable of your fitness focus becoming more simplified. The importance of stretching is absolute, and we would encourage you to begin eagerly seeking a daily practice.If you need any help in this endeavor, please, never hesitate to reach out and ask. Coach Will would love to help you in developing a beautiful daily stretching routine, perfectly suited to fit you and your personalized fitness journey. Just shoot him an email at ya have it friends, 5 beautiful reasons to get started stretching more often as soon as possible. We’ll see ya in the box soon!

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