Keep That CrossFit Games Energy High With The Upcoming Bay Games

Every year the CrossFit Games do an absolutely splendid job of bringing together an ever-growing community of strong and empowered individuals.The energy surrounding our local fitness communities is presented with the opportunity to become something of a global essence, and the result is an absolute skyrocket of ‘stoke’!However, this energy then often fades back to it’s more standard states and we all slowly return to the routine.2019 is a special year for us though, in that the CrossFit Games will be occurring twice in one calendar year! Yes, this means twice the stoke, twice the global engagement, and twice the fun!But what happens in November, once the CrossFit Games are over again?Are we to be waiting for another whole calendar year before we can access such an extreme spike in our fitness community energy?Perhaps, but from all of us here at Wanderfit Retreats we’d like to propose a different scenario.Why not keep that CrossFit Games energy high, keep that momentum rolling, and take all that stoke straight into the upcoming Bay Games and Bay Games Grand Slam?We couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with The Bay Games, as Wanderfit Retreats will be the official travel sponsor of the event.Likewise, Wanderfit’s The Program Head Coach Will Henke has been graced with the opportunity to design and forecast all of The Bay Games Grand Slam.

The Bay Games

But okay, “What are The Bay Games exactly?”A great question, and if you have not yet heard of this spectacular event then you are in for one heck of a treat.Hosted in Jervis Bay Australia, this entirely outdoor event is sure to push any athlete to their absolute limits.From ocean to land, with dumbbells, sandbags and everything in between, there’ll be no escaping the fitness excitement here.Did we mention there’s over $5,000 in the prize purse?And, as if that’s not enough, the overall M/F Winner crowned Boss of the Bay will win a free retreat provided by @wanderfit.retreats to your choice of Bali, Portugal or Costa Rica. Sounds rather enticing, doesn’t it? Of course, it does! So how do you sign up?

The Bay Games Grand Slam

Well, this is where the Bay Games Grand Slam comes into play.An online competition powered by Wanderfit’s The Program that will span across 3 weeks and 5 different workouts.

And although competing in the Grand Slam isn’t necessary in order to sign up for the Bay Games, it does itself also come attached to some beautiful prizes.The M/F Winners & 1 random lottery draw for each of the domestic (Australia) and international (everywhere else in the world) divisions will win a free round trip airfare, accommodation and competition registration to compete at The Bay Games’ physical competition in November.Occurring in August of this year, the Grand Slam will provide you not only with an opportunity to head to the bay Games for FREE, but it will also give you plenty of reason to get that fitness excitement back up to peak levels.

“How do I sign up?”

Simply download the WeTime App and subscribe to the Bay Games Grand Slam.Within the App, you’ll receive all the information you need to participate in and complete each of the 5 workouts.Registration opens on June 9th, 2019.You can resister your interest and find much more information pertaining to this event here.

Keep That Stoke High

So again, let’s keep that CrossFit Games energy high throughout the entire year!Sign up for the Grand Slam and get involved as early as August!

You might even win yourself a trip “down under” for The Bay Games, where this fitness stoke will certainly continue to be booming! And regardless of whether or not you win the Slam, Jervis Bay and the surrounding area provides a perfect excuse to hop on a plane and enjoy yourself a nice little fitness holiday!Join us, as we do what we can to keep that same energy which the CrossFit Games brings peaking year around.

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