You wanted more countries, right?! Of course you do, and by now you know we love to travel (understatement, I know). That's why it's so fitting that WANDERFIT is announcing today our Portugal fitness retreat, with the maiden voyage taking place September 22 - 29, 2019.

Portugal Beach Cave

WANDERFIT | Portugal Fitness Retreat Locations

After Carrie and Will’s recent trip to Portugal, they explored the well-known city of Lisbon and also the small, beautiful village of Ericeira. Needless to say, they fell in love and knew that having a WANDERFIT fitness retreat in Portugal would be something special and wanted to share it with everyone!Lisbon is a dynamic city that has the best of whatever a traveler, like yourself, is looking for. If you’re wanting to see castles and the other amazing, historical sites; you NEED to see the Alfama district. Walking through the narrow, cobblestone streets give a real local insight into one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. After the sunsets, the city comes alive with a vibrant night life that is unique to Lisbon, something you won’t experience anywhere else.

Portugal Cityscapes 1

But leisure and nightlife aren't the only selling points of a Portugal fitness retreat. Famous for its amazing surf culture and picturesque ocean vistas, Ericeira is the perfect 2019 addition to the ever-growing WANDERFIT destination list. Wandering around the town’s old center, you’ll be in awe of the beautifully designed, whitewashed buildings with mesmerizing Azulejo tiles that give a level of charm and uniqueness to the city’s architecture. And of course, every building offers an amazing background for a selfie.

Portugal Beaches 2

Fitness Activities During Portugal Adventure Retreat

Although it has the look of the older Portuguese heritage, don’t be fooled; Ericeira is home to a growing fitness community with top-notch equipment and facilities. And of course, there’re the beaches! The refreshing, blue Atlantic Ocean water that washes on to the golden sand that’s perfect for chillin’ with newfound friends, playing volleyball and an awesome partner beach workout from Coach Will.Regardless of where you are in Portugal, there will be food - magical, Portuguese food - that will rock your taste buds like nothing else! Here you’ll be delighted to the world-famous seafood, meat and wine that you read about.Don’t put it off, visit the Portugal fitness retreat trip details page and fill out your application. Pack your bags and get ready for Portugal in September 2019!

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