Sample Itinerary

Ericeira, Portugal

Here’s what your Portugal week looks like! 

Day 1
Arrival and welcome dinner with the team
Day 2
Tour Pena Palace of Sintra & enjoy some cultural activities
Day 3
Morning workout, lazy breakfast and take a bicycle tour of surrounding coastal areas. Round the day out with an evening yoga session
Day 4
Morning workout & then get a bird’s eye view of the area whilst paragliding (weather permitting of course)

Day 5
Morning workout, then you'll have the day to explore on your own!  You’ll have the option to join us at our favorite spot to watch sunset :)
Day 6
Morning workout followed by surfing lessons and rounded out with evening yoga
Day 7
A day trip to Lisbon; you’ll explore this amazing city before heading to the harbor to catch a private boat to the farewell party! Watch the sunset with a few drinks, some great food and your newfound family…
Day 8
Of course Will & Carrie will not let you leave without the opportunity for one last morning workout! After that they’ll invite you for an optional brunch as they defer the departures and ’see-ya-laters’ for as long as possible.

The excursions are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen situations with our local partners

Sample Packing List

Here's a few recommendations for your packing list. Over the years we've found this list to be helpful for our travelers (when packing for a WanderFit Retreat)

  • Snacks for the plane journey
  • Eye mask/neck pillow for long flight
  • Drink lots of water to minimize jet lag
  • Most long-haul flights will provide this, but just in case:
  • Extra socks to keep your little feeties warm on chilly flights
  • Travel pillow
  • Blanket
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Face wipes to freshen up
  • If you’re taller than the average bear, we recommend asking for emergency exit seats when you check in for your flight
  • If you get a bit woozy because of motion sickness you could bring some Dramamine or similar. Remember, we’re going snorkeling, so this could be helpful if you are prone to seasickness or car sickness
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, having some Imodium or similar handy as it will help make your tummy feel better
  • If you’ve been told you’re a ‘sweater’ (not the kind you wear!), bring an extra pair of workout shoes as they may not dry out as quickly as you're used to
  • Two (2) pairs of pants and two (2) jackets/hoodies it gets chillier than you’d think in Portugal during the fall months
  • If you want to get fancy for dinner on the town, a short sleeved, collared shirt with shorts and sneakers is suggested for guys, and ladies we don't think you need guidance on how to look good, just bring it!
  • An international outlet plug adapter
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen & a hat
  • Multiple swimsuits, tank tops/tees, and athletic shorts/gym-wear/active wear

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