The Most Effective Diet Is Not A Diet - Debunking Weight Loss Myths

Unfortunately, more often than not, when we talk about fitness we find ourselves also talking about weight loss.The world of today seems to be this never-ending cycle of - first, consume too much, and then, consume more of something different in order to eradicate the negative side effects of the former.This is all too apparent when it comes to weight loss, as we often find large sectors of society in constant pursuit of the most effective diet.We consume these dieting ideologies, we absorb them, and we often just blindly assume the information provided therewithin to be true and beneficial.Diets which are in fact only required because yes, you guessed it, we consumed entirely too much in the first place. In this case specifically, too much food, and unhealthy food at that.Well today, from all of us here at Wanderfit we would like to say that enough is enough.Today, we are going to take you on a journey through what might become, and what is most certainly not the most effective diet.Today, we are going to debunk 3 of the most common weight loss myths, as we encourage you to likewise pursue more beneficial and sustainable alternatives.

#1 - Carbs Are Bad For You

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A large majority of the fitness and dieting industry spends a whole lot of time talking about carbohydrates as if they are some kind of devil. When in reality, carbohydrates are absolutely necessary.They are one of our 3 essential macronutrients.Suffice it safe to presume that most of these very same people are indeed not even fully aware of what a carbohydrate is. Because if they were, this oversimplified and inadequately glorified ideology of - “No carbs for me, Sir” - simply would not exist.Ask yourself this - “Are vegetables bad for me?”You’ve just answered yourself “NO!”, haven’t you? Of course, you have.Well, here’s a rather significant truth bomb for you. Vegetables are the number one source of carbohydrates in a healthy diet.Vegetables ARE carbohydrates and vice versa.So, where many of these self-acclaimed “most effective diet” plans out there today will throw carbohydrates under the bus and encourage you to avoid them, please know that this is simply an invalid representation of nonexistent facts.A key component of something that is truly the most effective diet is indeed exactly this - Carbohydrates!You should be eating more carbohydrates folks! But yes of course, please make sure they are the right carbohydrates.So, avoid processed carbohydrates and added sugars, which are mainly found in foods such as white flour and bread, white rice, pasta, pastries, sodas, snacks and sweets, breakfast cereals, etc. But do not avoid carbs altogether, and please understand that if your diet is high in healthy vegetable and fruits consumption - you are not on a ‘no carb diet’. Carbohydrates are good for you, great even, just be mindful of how you are incorporating them into your diet. Because you will certainly find nothing positive in mindless consumption of any old type of carbohydrate you want.Which will lead us straight into our second point - all foods are not created equal!

#2 - “You’ve Just Got To Make Sure You’re In A Caloric Deficit!”

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Wrong.You cannot just eat whatever you want and expect to lose weight.Yes, even if you are taking in fewer calories per day then you are burning off.You will still need to maintain a hard focus on what kind of calories you are consuming.If the bulk of your calories are coming from food sources high in carbohydrates and proteins then your body will utilize this energy much faster then it will from calories provided via high-fat foods.Proteins are essential for basic bodily functions such as communication between different cells, transportation of biological molecules, and more. And carbohydrates your body can actually only store for up to two days and are the preferred source of energy for the body to utilize as it goes about its daily functions.Fats, on the other hand, your body can (and will) store for energy use at a later time, and in an unlimited capacity at that.So, if your 1,800 calories per day come from vegetables and lean meat products, chances are quite high that you will find yourself more energized, more productive, and even happier. And yes, losing weight as well.However, if on the other hand these same 1,800 calories are derived from the intake of cakes and croissants, heavy pasta and deliciously bready sandwiches - then the chances are quite high that you will only feel short spurts of energy followed quickly by a lethargic doom.You’ll be less energized, less productive, and as a result probably less happy as well. On top of that, you’ll be giving your body WAY more fat then it actually needs and it will as a result store this fat for later energy usage.All calories are not the same, and simply being in a caloric deficit is not sufficient in maintaining a healthy existence.

#3 - All Fats Should Be Avoided

That’s not to say that you should avoid fats altogether, no.It’s a common statement among the industry that, “You should avoid all types of unsaturated, saturated, and trans fats at all costs”, but this is just flat out wrong!Avoiding fat altogether is in no way, shape, or form anywhere close to something which might comprise the most effective diet.Healthy fats are not only good for you, but they are necessary. Another essential macronutrient, your body needs fat in order to function properly.So make sure you are getting plenty of fat in your diet!And know that there is no one size fits all prescription here. How much fat (or food for that matter) you should be eating is entirely dependent upon your own unique being. See a Registered Dietitian in order to fully optimize your own personalized most effective diet. Embrace your uniqueness and focus on doing everything you can to attain your own nutrition information, from your own validated research and sources.Stop following the trends, and stop believing all these weight loss myths.

Just Stop Dieting

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As a matter of fact, you should probably just go ahead and stop dieting altogether. Because again, TheMost Effective Diet Is Not A Diet.Here at Wanderfit, we like to follow one simple rule when it comes to our daily food intake - In any given 24 hour period, make the decision to consume more things that are healthy than are not.Yes, it really can be (and is) that simple.Let go of all these weight loss myths, and for the love of fitness, please stop searching for the most effective diet.What are your experiences with dieting? What’s worked for you, and what hasn’t? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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